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How to make thin-crust pizzas!

Look what you can make! Pizzas like you've never dreamed of!

You'll need a pizza roller. This one works great. You'll need pizza crusts that you can make in minutes. Then you'll need sauces and fillings.

You can use red sauces, white sauces, or something totally different.

  • Spagehtti sauce or marinara
  • Good olive oil (Yep, it can be that simple.)
  • French onion chip dip (Really! That makes fabulous pizzas.)
  • Alfredo sauce (The bottle from the grocery works just fine.)
  • Chip dip leftover from your last get-together.
  • Vegetable dip.
  • Cream cheese-based spreads
  • Ranch dressing (Everything goes with ranch)

Plus whatever else you can think of.

Now for toppings:

  • Fresh veggies (I love thinly sliced tomatoes and basil)
  • Scrambled eggs, ham, and cheese (Now you have a breakfast pizza.)
  • Thinly sliced new potatoes and sweet onions (A restaurant in Ririe got me hooked on these--with a white sauce.)
  • Dates, arugula, and pine nuts (Make a paste with the dates--a sweet pizza.)
  • Thai (There's a restaurant in Idaho Falls that uses Thai sweet chili--almost a sweet and sour--and diced chicken and coarsely chopped peanuts)
  • Chicken (You can use BBQ chicken or grilled chicken slices. I use grilled chicken slices--always with white sauce.)

You're getting the idea. Just thumb through your cookbook. You can often convert stir-fries or casseroles to pizzas. Have fun!

How to make thin-crust pizzas in 15 minutes:

1. Mix the dough with the dough hook. 3 minutes.

2. Roll a thin crust right in the pan. 1 minute

3. Load it sauce and goodies. 1 minute

4. Bake it for 8 to 12 minutes or until the crust is crisp and the cheese is bubbling.

That's 15 to 17 minutes. We routinely make pizzas in 15 minutes. The secret's in the thin crust. Thin crusts don't have to rise so you don't have to wait. It makes for quick meals and it's impressive for guests. It costs less and it's better.

The mixes are designed especially for thin-crust pizzas. Thin crust pizzas require a soft, pliable dough without lumps that can be rolled out so that it's very thin and can quickly be baked to a crisp.

This mix has a secret ingredient that makes the dough so soft that it has virtually no springback for smooth, uniform crusts without shrinkage. But it also makes a great deep dish pizza and calzones too.

"Debbie makes great thin crust pizzas with this mix. She uses only half the mix for each 15-inch pizza. She usually uses white sauce and less cheese and fresh veggies. The crusts come out thin and crisp and the pizzas are delightful. Many of her recipes are available on our site." --Dennis

This mix is very authentic, reminiscent of the great pizzerias of Italy. It makes a wonderful, light dough with just a touch of whole grain flour, a nice texture, and taste.

P.S. If you want a thicker crust . . .

Either let your pizza crust rise or use a focaccia mix. This focaccia mix comes with a seasoning packet that you can use on your pizza.

We use this tool every time we make a pizza. We're not very good at twirling pizza crusts. So we put the dough in the pan and press it to the edges. A pizza roller does it much quicker and we get a uniform crust. With a soft, pliable dough, we can get the crust as thin as we want. Our pizza roller is a valued tool in the kitchen.

To get that crust to bake right, it needs to be of a uniform thickness. Roll it out just right with this little tool. It's very difficult to roll a thin crust pizza by hand--but not with this tool.

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Great for crushing nuts, making bread crumbs, besides rolling dough.

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Pizza and Pastry Roller Success

As always, Prepared Pantry has made my baking easier and more fun. The pizza and Pastry Roller makes rolling dough a breeze!

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Pizza roller

Works great

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Pizza & Pastry Roller Bargain

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