Pioneer Valley

Pioneer Valley Gourmet Strawberry Rhubarb Jam


This may be the best strawberry rhubarb jam you have ever tried!

The taste of yesterday brought back again. It's made in small batches with sweetened, fresh fruit with no fillers.

You'll love this carefully crafted gourmet jam, a perfect mixture of sweet, ripe strawberries and tart rhubarb made to a precisely spreadable consistency.

We consider this gourmet jam a real find and think you will agree that it's better than anything in your local store. You'll find it thick, rich, and flavorful and the perfect addition to your bread and muffins.

What makes Pioneer Valley jam so good?

As with many foods, the ingredients make all the difference.

First, it's the fruit. First quality fruit picked and quickly frozen until it's ready to go into your jam. Much of the fruit comes from Pioneer Valley's own orchards so you know that the fruit is picked at perfect ripeness and processed without shipping it halfway across the country. You can't have great jam without great fruit. Plus, this jam isn't diluted with a bunch of water. Some grocery store jams and jellies may be made of as much as 40% water and they're not even required to put that on the label!

It's also the careful, handcrafted care that a small, family-owned company puts into its jam. They know how to make great jam and they don't cut any corners.

How can you tell if you're getting a good jam? Look at the label. Is it made with cane sugar or corn syrup? Corn syrup is cheaper and easier to work with but it masks the flavors of the fruit. If it's made with corn syrup, what other corners are they cutting? All Pioneer Valley jams are made with authentic, pure cane sugar.

You'll find Pioneer Valley jam thick, rich, and flavorful and the perfect addition to your bread and muffins. Try your favorite varieties. Each attractive hex glass jar contains eight ounces of premium jam.

This old time favorite combines the sweet mellow taste of ripe strawberries with the tangy tartness of summer rhubarb.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Rita Fried

Delicious jam
Thick and flavorful

Pamela Hartlen

This is so delicious. Sweet tabby flavor. Good very well with the Italian Country bread.

Marsha Mernin

I love this jam...only one I use! I was disappointed last month to see it was out of stock. Thankfully it was in stock this month!

Natalie Graham-Wood

Perfect blend of strawberries and rhubarb. I had to make sure I returned the jar to the fridge after spooning a portion next to a single serving of crackers. Otherwise, I know I would have indulged!

Jill Reznak

Seriously, who doesn't like strawberry jam. Sweet with just a bit of tartness from the rhubarb.