Pioneer Valley

Pioneer Valley Gourmet Boysenberry Jam

  • What does this jam taste like? Well, it beats the sox off the boysenberry syrup in the pancake houses! It has much more flavor. It's tarter.  It's got seeds in it, not a lot, but the seeds always deliver more flavor. 
  • How tart is it? It's tarter than our strawberry rhubarb jam.  On a scale, I would put a really good strawberry on a five, strawberry rhubarb on a seven, and this boysenberry at a nine.
  • What's the texture like? The pectin holds it together, it spreads smoothly and it's not drippy. You can get an even, smooth layer on your toast.
  • How many seeds are there? A few and they're tiny. The producer obviously strained most of the seeds out.
  • What about the color? It's darker than blueberry. When you spread it on toast, the crimson tint comes through.
  • Doesn't it cost more? It does, a little. But it's worth it. It's better, it tastes better. And because it goes on smoothly, you'll get more yield.
  • What does it have in it, rather than fruit? Sugar, pectin, and a little vitamin C. There is no high-fructose corn syrup, which masks the flavor of the fruit.


This is an incredible jam. The flavor really comes through.  If you're open to a berry jam, try this. It's a jam lover's jam with lots of flavor and a smooth spread. 

We stand behind it, money-back.

What do others say?

This should be a five-star jam. One of the reviewers rated it as the "best" plus three yummys and then forgot to press the five-star button.

The others are five-star.

None better. Love all of your berry jams. Been a customer and a fan for many years now. They are my hands down preferred jam, I don't use anything else. Keep up the excellent work."--Chuck Peters

I love this jam. It's another perfect berrry jam.


Customer Reviews

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J Dalton
Boysenberry Jam !!!

Love this jam. On toast, with peanut butter, plain, on bagels with cream cheese! Best jam ever. Definitely will buy more.

Hard to find Boysenberry Jam

We have a friend in St.Johns Newfoundland who is going to love this. Boysenberry jam is hard to find and yours looks wonderful. We will taste it once we give it to her. Your brand came very well reviewed.

Roxanne Foose
Delicious jam

Very good and fruity

Ron De Luca
The best!

Taste like homemade!