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New England Rustic Sourdough Bread Mix

Make this with your bread machine, stand-type mixer, or by hand.

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Can I use this mix in my 1 pound capacity or 1.5 pound capacity bread machine?

We have designed our mixes specifically for 2 lb. capacity machines. However, you may still find success with 1.5 lb. capacity machines. You may expect to see the top of the loaf touch the lid of the machine towards the end of the baking cycle. This may lead to imperfect baking in that one spot on the loaf. The rest of the loaf should be fine. For 1 lb. bread machines, we recommend only running the bread on the dough cycle and then transfer the dough to a pan for baking in a conventional oven. See packaging for more info.

Why do the directions ask me to use a thermometer?

Yeast is very sensitive to heat and other environmental factors. We have tested and designed our mixes to find the sweet spot for yeast activity to get the best rise. Even just a few degrees off on water temperature can make a big impact on the quality of your bread. Measuring the temperature of your water accurately is the best way to ensure consistently successful bread baking.

I followed the directions exactly and I see had a problem with my bread? What can I do?

Sometimes bread issues happen. We are happy to help. Send us a picture of your bread and a picture of the back packaging of your bread mix to our customer support email at Include as much detail as possible about your baking process and bread machine model so we can troubleshoot the cause of the issue.

Should I adjust my mix for high altitudes?

We don't recommend making any changes to the mix for high altitudes. We have tested our mixes in a variety of locations and have fine tuned each mix to be the best product possible.

I don't have a bread machine or a stand-type mixer. Can I still make this bread in my oven?



  • Each mix makes a large loaf--nearly two pounds.
  • SAF yeast packet is enclosed. You provide only water.
  • Directions and tips for perfect bread are included. You can make this bread in your bread machine, by hand, or with a stand-type mixer.
  • Can be baked in a Dutch oven for a classic crusty loaf.
  • Use a thermometer to check water temperature and we guarantee your bread will work.

    This is an excellent, highly recommended heritage bread!

    It's moist but made with a mixture of seven grains. You'll taste a bit of sourdough tang from starters like the early New Englanders made.

    Our early settlers didn't have a lot of refined, sifted flours. You'll find a mixture of whole grains to create a very good rustic loaf, and yet it's moist and soft and holds together well. It has a split top crust like authentic artisan loaves--even from your bread machine

    We think that you will absolutely love this bread. This is a wonderful morning bread, one of the best breads for toast. Served warm with a pat of butter, you'll find it scrumptious. Try it with your favorite soup or toast it and make some great sandwiches. This is a great bread for grilled sandwiches.


    Customer Reviews

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    Vladimir Peresvetov


    Jay Edwards
    What a great taste = New England sourdough

    Haven’t had bread since January due to a type2 diagnosis… number are now low enough to splurge on good carbs! I enjoyed this so much just warm with butter! Mmmmm

    Benjamin Townend
    Deli rye

    Found a piece of plastic in mix also did not taste or look like rya bread very dark

    Ronald McFeaters
    New England sour dough

    One of the best Sour doughs

    Caitlyn Maness

    I love the prepared pantry machine compatible sourdough packages. Incredibly easy and fun to make.