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Natural Molasses Crystals 11 oz

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Molasses crystals made with real molasses. Great substitute for sugar

We love the rich taste of molasses in our baking. Sugar is sweet but it doesn't carry a flavor. Molasses is a natural sweetener with its own delicate flavor and is also hygroscopic, that is, it attracts moisture rather than drying out. So molasses helps keep pastries and breads moist and makes them last longer.

Use these molasses crystals rather than liquid molasses. It's convenient, it's not messy, and you can substitute molasses crystals for all or part of the sugar without making adjustments in the liquids in the recipe as you would with molasses. It is made with sugar cane juice and molasses.

Ingredients: Sugar Cane Juice and Molasses. This product is packed with equipment that processes baking mixes and may contain traces of nuts, wheat, dairy, soy, or eggs.