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Marsden & Bathe Pineapple Flavor 2 oz


Note from the management:

Carol reported that the flavor did not come through the baking process.  She was baking biscotti, which is twice baked.  Heat is always hard on flavor, and you have to add more flavor to baked goods than, say, a smoothie or whipped cream.

We have temporarily taken off the web site for quality testing. When resolved, we'll put it back on the sales.  Thanks for your patience.  Dennis



  • Commercial strength natural and artificial flavor--more concentrated therefore more economical than "store" flavors.
  • Produced by a US company with over 100 years of experience in flavors.
  • Comes in a dark glass bottle to protect the delicate flavors from light.

The distinctive tropical pineapple extract can be used in many recipes.

Marsden and Bathe flavors are generally used in bakeries and fine restaurants by pastry chefs and are not generally available to consumers. See if they are not better than grocery store flavors.

Add this tropical pineapple flavor to your pantry.


Customer Reviews

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Carol Rudes
Flavor did not come through the baking process

Pineapple had a great aroma, and I was excited to use this in my biscotti recipe. Unfortunately, I could not detect any pineapple flavor in the finished product. Are used one and a quarter teaspoons of the flavor for 2 cup flour batch of dough. ( which also had pineapple bits)
If more flavoring was needed, would be best to put that on the label