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Lemon Whippersnappers Cookie Mix

SKU: C111-1

Looks like a cookie. Tastes like a lemon bar.

These are intensely lemony cookies, the most lemony cookies you've ever tasted. You have to find a lemon bar to find something this lemony. If you love lemon pie and lemon bars, buy this cookie mix.

These cookies are soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

They are easy to make. Make them like snickerdoodles but roll them through the amber sugar crystals provided rather than cinnamon sugar.

Each mix makes about 36 cookies depending on the size you choose to make.

Try these lemon cookies. We guarantee that these will be the most lemon you've ever found in a cookie.


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Beverly Greene
Good food

Easy to make.

Kim Spencer
The smell 😵‍💫

I know that the title is strange, but then again so am I. lol 🤪
The smell of fresh baked bread in the morning is so delightful and delicious to.
I remember the first time I made bread with my home economics class.
O how I miss the country life it always seemed to have more time for things.
So glad to have found you and the company.
Every thing is always packed so well and clean.
I make a few loaves each week.
Maken my husband some of the best sandwiches.
And in return I get hugs and kisses with a big smile.
Also I get an awesome sandwich too.
You know what , I could not ask for more.
Thank about it.
1 the smell of the bakes makes me happy.
2 the memories that come back when you bake.
3 tastes and texture are so much better than what you get in the bakery store 😖
4 with your baking products it feels cleaner and healthier.
5 the easiest way to make and clean up your food space.
I do love it when things are clean and easy to make.
6 l can hear my grandmother say clean as you go for that dough.
More like singing it out loud.

Thank you.
Mrs.Spencer. P.s. have a great bake.

Theresa Atkinson
Lemon Whippersnappers Cookie Mix

Wonderful cookie. Easy to make and delish to eat

John Lyons
Lemon Whippersnappers

Turned out great, but I was disappointed that they weren't lemony enough. 🤓

Toni DeMasi
Lemon Whippersnappers Cookie Mix?