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Dad's Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are our "mall cookies" —for a fraction of the cost.

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  • How good are they? These are our "mall cookies" designed to compete with the chocolate chippers found in the food courts—for a fraction of the cost.
  • What makes these better than other chocolate chip cookies? They're very buttery, the chips are first-class, and there are more of them.
  • Will your family like them? No, they will love them--or your money back.
  • Are they easy? Yep, if you have a stand-type mixer, hit the button. They're old-fashioned drop cookies.
  • What do you do with the extras? This is a big batch. You'll have extras. Freeze them.  Make them fresh again with a trip to the microwave. 

Try these chocolate chip cookies. They're "ammmmazing!" Really good cookies with really good chocolate.

We got the original recipe from a fine chocolate producer and then tweaked it again, and again. We made hundreds of cookies trying to find just the right combination of brown sugar, caramel, and butter. 

We bumped up the brown sugar. That gave us the right chewy texture--and then we added a fabulous caramel flavor that we found in Chicago. That's the touch we had to have!

Oh, and we put lots of chips in. We think we perfected it.

"So delicious!! So buttery, soft, and delicious! Everyone loved these. They’re the perfect chocolate chip cookie!"  Felicia Wright

"Amazing cookie! Wow. It's like all your favorite chocolate cookies in one bite. I wish we would have ordered a few more bags. Will be ordering more soon. Janelle Farias

Make these for your family.  If you don't find them "the best chocolate chip cookies", we'll give you your money back.

Give them a try.


Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Denis Lybe


Eric Thiel
Chocolate chip cookies

They mixed up easily. Tasted pretty good but They definitely didn’t look like the picture on the package. Disappointed

P Belanger
tasty chocolate goodness

These cookies were chewy with a lot of chocolate chips. They were buttery in flavor, too.

Roxanne Shull
Best Cookie

This is my husband’s favorite cookie. He loves I can whip them up at about anytime when a craving comes on.

Susan Flanagan
Dad’s famous chocolate chip cookies

I was disappointed with this mix. I followed the directions and found that the batter was too dry. I had left the butter out to soften a day b4 making it. The advice I found online said to add some milk. I added about 2 tablespoons of oat milk which was what I had on hand. It worked to make the batter creamy instead of crumbly. When I baked the cookies, they spread out a lot. Perhaps it was because I added the liquid. They were difficult to get off the pan and the edges became very crispy. My family enjoyed them but all agreed that they were a bit too sweet. The brown sugar flavor came through prominently which we think made them too sweet.