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Cranberry Nut Quick Bread Mix

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Our super cold-processed cranberries, lots of nuts, and a touch of citrus make this a wonderful bread!

Cranberries are a wonderful addition to any bread.The marriage of moist, sweet bread with the tang of cranberries is heavenly.To make it even better, we added plenty of rich walnuts, a hint of citrus, and just the right spices. This bread is to die for.

This bread is a cinch to make. Add eggs, butter, and water to the mix and stir with a spatula until combined. Place it in a pan and bake. Your kitchen will soon smell of nuts and spices. Whether you serve this to your family, guests, or give it as a gift, folks will love this moist, maple-flavored loaf.

You'll make a generous 9 x 5-inch loaf from this package. Eggs and butter are not included.

Ingredients: Enriched wheat flour (wheat flour, niacin, iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, and folic acid), sugar, cranberries (cranberries, sucrose), walnuts, nonfat dry milk solids, natural and artificial flavors, salt, baking powder, spices, and baking soda. This product contains wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, and dairy products and may contain traces of soy eggs.


Customer Reviews

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David Shobe
Really good but really unhealthy

I thoroughly enjoyed this quick bread, but ... TWO sticks of butter?!

Of course I ordered it again! :-)

Not so pleased

I mixed the ingredients exactly how the back of the package suggested to mix for the oven, having to measure the temperature of your water for the yeast was kind of a hassle because either you're one degree over or two degrees under trying to get the exact temperature was a little difficult as well, I still proceeded to bake the bread after letting it sit out all night and it did not rise, it became thick was still doughy and not that light and textury. I even let it cool and tried a piece, no luck, adding the yeast and then pouring in the water and butter I don't think it's a good idea but I did it I think this may have been the problem I've always processed my yeast with its hot fluid prior to adding it to any type of ingredient for a good Rising effect. I was not happy I wasted three loaves and approximately $34 including taxes and three packages, and now I see you have a package where you have to add just eggs, and water, It would be nice to get re-embersed to try this particular cranberry walnut bread mix. it must be a new one because the one I have doesn't require eggs. Quite disappointed

A keeper

I made the Cinnamon Chip Banana Bread and added Almond chips and two squares of finely chopped chocolate to the mix. I brought it to our Mother’s Day get together and “all” asked for the recipe. Thank you!

Diana Cunningham
Best Bread EVER

I love waking up in the morning and pouring myself a cup of coffee and cutting a slice of Cranberry Walnut Bread. It is delicious and very tasty. I am not a morning person but Cranberry Walnut Bread helps me get my morning on!!!!!

Robert Parks
Great tasting bread

All of the ingredients come in one package and the bread comes out perfect.