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Classic Italian Pizza Dough Mix.

This mix makes a 15-inch thick-crust pizza, two thin-crust pizzas, calzones, or breadsticks. See notes and recipes.

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  • How does this compare to Pizza Hut? This makes a great pizza crust. As of 5/9/24, it is 100% five stars with 54 reviews, with some reviewers saying it is "best ever."
  • Is it easy to make? Yes. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions.
  • What about the yeast? It comes with a SAF yeast packet.
  • Can I mix the dough in my bread machine? Yes. Set it on the dough setting, setting 8 with most machines. Load the dough into a large 15-inch pizza pan for a regular thick-crust pizza, and let it rise.
  • I don't have a bread machine. Can I use my stand-type mixer? Yes. Use the dough hook and 110-degree water and let it run on medium-high for a few minutes or until the dough gets stretchy.
  • Will it make a large pizza? Actually, it will make two if you prefer thin-crust pizzas.  
  • Can I make it on the grill? Yes, if your grill has a cover to trap the heat. Grills are great and quick for flatbreads. (see instructions below.)
  • Can I make breadsticks? Yep, roll the dough out, cut it into strips, put it on a baking sheet, season it, let it rise, and bake.
  • Can I make thin-crust pizzas? Yes. (See below.)
  • What about "springback. That makes it hard to make a pizza. The springback is minimal. There is a dough relaxer in the mix.
  • Do you use a pizza roller? I do, yes. It makes it easier to get it thin and work the edges. We sell pizza rollers.
  • What about calzones? It's perfect for calzones.
  • Can I make two smaller pizzas and freeze one? Yes, put it on a sheet of cardboard to keep it rigid, load it with goodies, wrap it in plastic, and freeze it. Let it thaw for ten minutes before you bake it.
  • Do I reheat leftovers in the oven? You can. However, my family prefers an air fryer. It makes the pizza taste like new again.


Dennis Weaver

This mix makes two thin-crust pizzas or one thicker-crust pizza.

This pizza dough mix beats delivery! It's made your way--thin crust or thick and exactly with the toppings you want. The homemade pizza dough crust is better. The ingredients are fresh. Nobody will care for your pizza the way you do.

thin crust pizza
    See how to make a thin-crust pizza.

    See how to make a fresh tomato and basil pizza.
    how to bake a pizza on the grill
    See how to bake a pizza on the grill. 

    Try it. See if you don't make better pizzas. Your family will love it. We guarantee it.

    —Featured Review—

    "The Classic Italian Pizza Dough mix is delicious! I always make my own pizza crust so I had my doubts that a mix could be very good but this mix is so easy and fast and it tastes so good!! I had to purchase more right away so I will never be without it!"  Shelly Hepp

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 56 reviews
    James Jones
    Pizza dough mix.

    First bag I used I made just one pizza. It made a 16" pizza, but that turns out to be way too much baked bread for just 1 pizza! Today I tried a 16" pizza with 1/2 the dough and put the other 1/2 in the fridge for tomorrow. Pizza today turned out perfect amount of dough for the pizza!

    Susan Madden
    Loved it

    The pizza dough was easy to prepare and had great flavor and consistency. Next time I may roll it thinner. I will be ordering it again.

    Donnie Smith
    very good raisin bread

    very good


    The best pizza dough! Make it in our bread machine to dough stage, roll it our, top it and bake it in our Ninja wood fired oven on Neopolitan pizza setting! Yummm!


    Loving the prepackaged and measured bread mixes. I got tired of doing it all myself, so I tried prepared pantry. Yummy options. With long shelf life pre baking. Very nice results.