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Centennial Dough Enhancer 12oz

This dough enhancer makes taller, better loaves.

  • One of a new generation of dough enhancers
  • Guaranteed to make your bread better
  • Designed to make your bread taller and lighter 
  • May extend bread shelf life
  • May improve the crust and the taste
  • 12 oz. yields an estimated 110 teaspoons
  • Use 1 to 3 teaspoons per loaf


We use a dough enhancer with every bread or roll mix. It makes for lighter, taller, better loaves and rolls.

Dough enhancers make better bread. Guaranteed. Sometimes, it's another inch in height.  Sometimes, it's more dramatic than that, depending on your recipe and how much you use.  Sometimes, your bread is taller, tastes better, and has a crackly artisan crust.

But we guarantee it's better. Money back. We know. We use dough enhancers in every mix.


The Miracle of Bread

See "The Miracle of Bread" to learn how bread works and how dough enhancers make breads better.

homemade bread 

What's in a name?

Tucked behind the Continental Divide west of West Yellowstone, Montana, is Centennial Valley. It’s a favorite place of ours, and we go there often.  It’s high and remote, a gorgeous mountain valley. There are no paved roads in the valley. The Red Rocks Lake Wildlife Refuge is in the valley. In the east end of the Valley, is the Alaska Basin. Hellroaring Creek tumbles through the basin. It’s the furthest source of the Mississippi/Missouri River complex.

We love the Centennial Valley. That’s a fine name for a dough enhancer.

Centennial Valley, montana 

Ingredients: Wheat flour, diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides, dextrose, Contains 2% or less of the following: ascorbic acid, soybean oil, enzymes.


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