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Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake Cookie Mix

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These extraordinary cookies will make you famous!

They are simply the best blueberry cookies on the planet!

  • These are very blueberry cookies with lemon cheesecake as the background flavor. The lemon is tart but not overwhelming. In our tests, even kids liked these cookies. We guarantee that you'll love these. They are truly gourmet cookies.

Don't miss these cookies! They'll make a hero out of you!

(Butter and eggs are not included.)

Customer Reviews

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Barbara Flick

Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake Cookie Mix

North Carolina treat seeker!
Customer service is 5 stars ++

I had placed an order for a variety of items and the 2 pkgs of cookie mix were missing. Upon notifying Prepared Pantry in a flash the items were on my doorstep! I have been delighted with all items I have tried. I have a couple of selections new to me that I am anxious to bake and share! Good products & excellent customer service.

Suzanne Reynolds
Store should be open.

I wish we could still go in the store. Last time I was there picking up an order a lady left after she realized she couldn’t just go in. I wonder about your business model.

Royalton reviewer

These are absolutely wonderful. One on my favorites!

Paula Near
Good Cookie

Overall, a good cookie. A bit sweet for my taste but my son-in-law loved them. I would buy again.