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Blueberry Corn Cake Mix (24 oz.)

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These might be "Texas" corncakes, but they're also at home in the north woods.

These are Texas Corn Cakes with blueberry pieces added. If you like cornbread, you'll love corncakes. They are pancakes with ground corn. You cook them on the griddle. They are light and fluffy but with substance, making them a healthy choice. They're softer than cornbread and not as crumbly. They'll remind you a little of whole-grain pancakes with blueberries.

These are the pancakes we take camping. For us, these are year-round outdoor pancakes. They're perfect for heading up the trail or on a cold winter morning. These also make great waffles.


Customer Reviews

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David Shobe

I like the Texas corn cakes mix and I thought I would try the blueberry version. First, the blueberries are fake and don't taste right, in addition to being full of artificial ingredients. Second, not much corn flavor. Not what I expected from Prepared Pantry.

Sheila Stuart
Blueberry corn cakes

Sorry.but there wasn't enough corn me as l to taste like a corn cake. I really like the texas corn cakes tho.
Also blueberries gave me an as aftertaste for awhile.

Bob Hays
BlueBerry Corn Cake Mixes are great

BlueBerry Corn Cake Mixes are a very tasty change up from the standard Bisquick pancakes. They fix quickly and have a lingering sweet taste due to the berries. I enjoyed the first mix of them and it won’t be the last of them. Good job Prepared Pantry!!