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Raspberry Sour Cream Pancakes 24oz.

Special pancakes (or waffles) for a special occasion.

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  • These are your "happy day" pancakes. Make any day special. 
  • Perfect for holidays, birthdays, or guests.  Or just to say, "I love you!"
  • Clearly, the best pancake mix around. They're our number one bestselling pancake.
  • "The best pancake I have ever eaten!"
  • Makes fabulous waffles, also
  • Easy to prepare. Just add water. You can add an egg if you like.
  • Light, fluffy, and beautiful pancakes--look at the pretty crimson splashes.
  • Loaded with raspberry bits that melt on the griddle for splashes of crimson
  • A bright raspberry flavor for intense raspberry-flavored pancakes
  • A touch of sour cream adds moistness and a bit of tartness 


These pancakes will make any day a special day.  Make them for your son's birthday, a family outing, or for guests.  These are your happy pancakes. Make them on a dreary Saturday just to make the sunshine burst through. 

Make them just to say, "I love you!"

We recommend raspberry syrup for these pancakes. Buttermilk syrup is also terrific. 

These are the best pancakes--just ask the customers.  And they make great waffles. And the fresh raspberry taste stands out even when your pancakes or waffles are drenched in syrup.


Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Kimberlie Smith
Great Sunday Brunch

The Sour Cream Raspberry Pancakes were a surprise hit at my house. A little sweet cream and some fresh strawberries made for a 5-star brunch.

Maureen Smith
delicious pancakes

We really like the pancakes.

Patricia Quinn
Raspberry Sour Cream Pancakes

My husband and I just love them. But I make waffles instead of pancakes and they turn out great.


Raspberry Sour Cream Pancakes 24oz.

Dennis Pulsipher

Raspberry Sour Cream Pancakes 24oz.