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Buttery Shortbread Cookie Mix

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  • Tastes like Sandies, only better
  • A classic Scottish shortbread cookie with a buttery flavor
  • You add only butter and egg. The mix with the sugar is in the bag
  • Great to decorate or frost. They can be made as cutout cookies or sandwich cookies
  • Makes up to four dozen cookies.


See for yourself what a million-dollar cookie tastes like. Try these old Scottish shortbread cookies that melt in your mouth. It has a texture like Sandies but tastes much better and much fresher. These are tender cookies that are perfect for every occasion. Your guests and your kids will love them.

"These have been fun cookies. Mostly, we made them as plain, unfrosted shortbread cookies. And then we got a little crazy,--started decorating them, coloring them, frosting them, making sandwich cookies, and even cutting them into shapes.  But always, they're just good shortbread cookies."  Dennis

Have fun with your cookies.

"Love this mix! Really buttery."  Carol 

"This shortbread cookie mix is the best shortbread I have ever tasted, and my family and friends agree."  Sheila Geraghty 


Preparation notes: Cream the butter with the sugar mixture, which is in the bag, and add the dough mix. Form a log, chill, slice, and bake. Complete directions are included.


Customer Reviews

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Carolyn Roe
Yummy Spring

The Buttery Shortbread Cookie mix is a wonderful way to start thinking Spring. Trying something new did not disappoint. The cookie mix was the base and I shaped it into Easter eggs. Happy Spring to all!

Linda Hendrickson

Delish and an excellent treat!!

Kim Luft

Awesome cookies!!!! Like potato chips can't have just one. The one thing I will do different next time is probably roll one roll instead of two. Get a bigger cookie yet cut the same thickness

Dennis Hall

Buttery Shortbread Cookie Mix


Can’t wait to bake these!! I don’t have a air conditioner and it needs to be cooler in the house!!