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Brownie Sugarsnap Cookie Mix

Chewy on the inside, like a brownie, but crunchy on the outside.

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  • Your family will think these are "the best cookies ever."
  • Perfect balance between your favorite brownies and cookies with a snap.
  • a deep, deep chocolate taste--perfect for chocoholics
  • The sugar crystals make the cookies stand out.
  • "These are delicious."


They're a lot better than the chocolate cookies in the mall.

These cookies are quick, easy, and convenient. Mix the ingredients, form round balls with the dough, roll them through the unique sugar crystals, and bake. They are fun to make with the kids or grandkids.

Give these cookies a try. If your family doesn't love them, we'll give you your money back.


girl with cookie dough


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
katja waehner
Soo delicious

They're soo delicious and have a great taste. Bought the mix a few time. The whole family loves them. Happy holidays

Jane L
Yummy cookies!

If you like brownies and cookies, especially chocolate, these cookies are PERFECT. Delicious. Crowd-pleasers, too.


Cookies were very good. They tasted like homemade cookies because you add butter and eggs. My only question is was anyone else's cookies much smaller than the picture? I got two dozen and while I only rolled the top of the cookies in the sugar, it did top all 24 cookies. This is not a complaint but an inquiry. Will definitely buy them again. Yummy!!

Connie Adams

These delightful deep chocolate cookies are great! My husband thinks they are the best cookie he ever had...tho, that is often the case with whatever he is currently eating!! They look just like the picture and taste so wonderful with lots of snap!

Jennifer Muir

I love the mixes!