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Uncle Bob's Extra Fudgy Brownie Mix. Limit 3

Incredible! Better cocoa makes way better brownies.

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  • Extra fudgy brownies made with 2X to 3X the cocoa butter
  • Rich, decadent brownies. Highly recommended
  • "Best brownies." "Just try this mix. It's really good."
  • "Hands down, absolutely delectably fudgy brownies. The hunt is over."
  • "Amazing! These brownies are so amazing that they  put store-bought to shame."

"Bye-bye, grocery store brownie mix."

"Would you believe these are 100 times better? These are serious gourmet brownies.

What makes them so much better? It's always the cocoa butter. These are two ways better: They have more cocoa than store-bought, and the cocoa has two to three times the cocoa butter. 

They're made with really good Ramstadt Breda cocoa. A grocery store can't afford to sell gourmet brownie mixes. The ingredients are too expensive. 

See seven great desserts You can make with this brownie mix. That includes Nutella brownies, cheesecake brownies, peanut brownies, and more.

Cheesecake Brownies from a fancy brownie mix

Nutella brownies

 Use this brownie mix to make these happy brownie pops.

happy brownie pops

See what a difference better ingredients make.

"They . .  were a hundred times better . . . ."  Linda W

"Amazing!! These brownies are so amazing they put store-bought to shame. I would recommend 100%." Gina Akins 
"Yummy! Themade with se brownies are excellent! Bye, bye grocery store brownie mixes....."  Lisa Oestereich 

"Hands down, absolutely deliciously fudgy! The hunt is over, . . .."  Only1MeBz 

"Your brownies brownies are still the best. Do you realize how good they are, fudgy and gooey? I always keep them on hand. I only eat a couple, and then I give the rest away.  If I don't, then I eat them all."  Paula

There's no comparison. Really great cocoa makes that much difference. Give them a try, and if they are not that much better, we'll give you your money back.

Customer Reviews

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Laurie Davis

I love how easy and delicious these brownies are! Thank you

Leta Meek

Uncle Bob's Extra Fudgy Brownie Mix


Excellent product. It means it when it says extra fudgy!!

David Williams
Uncle Bob's Extra Fudgy Brownies

Very rich and decadent brownies highly recommend.

Lanell Galloway

I bought those as a Christmas present for my daughter. I am sure they will be good. Merry Christmas.