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Cranberry Fudge Healthy Breakfast Cookie Mix

These cookies are the bomb! They’re healthy, low in calories, and, best of all, they’re delicious!

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  • What's a breakfast cookie? It's one that's healthy enough that you can eat it for breakfast. This one is loaded with fruit and whole grain goodness and packed with energy.
  • If it's a cookie, doesn't it have white flour and sugar? Nope. It has no white flour and more fruit than sugar. 
  • How is it sweet like a cookie? It has some sugar, but it's the cranberries and honey that makes them cookies.
  • So is it 100% whole wheat flour? All the flour is whole wheat, but it's also loaded with a whole grain mixture—oats, barley, and such.  And there is more fruit than flour.
  • It sounds like eating cereal for breakfast. Are you sure it's good? It's incredibly good. It's sweet and moist and fudgy--good enough to be one of the best cookies you've ever tasted.  These cookies are "the bomb".  
  • Well, what do the customers say? Read the reviews. It's a 100% five-star cookie.  They'll tell you it's a real cookie, not a health-store snack bar.
  • With fruit and chocolate, aren't they expensive?  Even with very good chocolate and fruit, they are surprisingly inexpensive--less than 50 cents a cookie.
  • Are they hard to make? Nope. All you add is butter, an egg, and a little love. Plop scoops of batter on a baking sheet and bake.
  • How many cookies will I make?  You'll make 24 nice-sized cookies.

Dennis Weaver

How did we come to make to make breakfast cookies?

Our goal was to make a wholesome cookie that you could eat for breakfast and so good that you wanted to.

First, they had to taste great. We chose "fudgy". 

Second, it had to last all morning long. We didn't want your kids dozing off in the second period. It had to be low glycemic, not high. We ditched all the white flour and replaced it with whole wheat and whole grains like barley and oats.

Third, we ditched most of the sugar. We sweetened the cookies mostly with fruit.  Cranberries are the number one ingredient, more so than even the whole-wheat flour.  But it had to taste good. We added honey and molasses.

So it was three steps to a breakfast cookie. And it worked!


Your doctor is going to be so proud of you! And they are really, really good.

Cranberries and fudge are a classic combination.  The tartness of the cranberries and the rich fudginess are perfect together. And they're very moist, not dry at all.

These aren't just good cookies but "the best cookies ever!" You'll be amazed. 

These cookies will make you famous. Give them to your kids guilt-free.

"The best cookies ever! We LOVE these cookies! They are so delicious and chocolatey and moist. Please don’t ever stop making this mix!!"  Felicia Wright

"These cookies are the bomb! There are good reasons why I just ordered six more packages of them. They’re healthy, low in calories, and, best of all, they’re delicious! Please make sure you never run out of stock at the same time I do!"  Sherilyn B. 

"Excellent! Great balance of cocoa and cranberries -- plus a bonus, the multigrains up the nutrition game if that's important to you. I love cookies in general so this is a great addition to my more traditional cookie assortment. Would buy again."--Cheryl


Ingredients: Cranberries (cranberries, sucrose), 100% Whole Wheat Flour, Sugar, Honey Powder (Honey, wheat starch, calcium stearate (anti-caking agent), Rolled Grain Cereal (hard white wheat, hard red wheat, oats, hulled barley, triticale and sunflower seeds), and hydroxylated lecithin), cocoa, Baking Powder, Natural Flavor, Baking Soda, Salt. This product contains wheat and nuts and is packaged with equipment that may contain traces of soy, dairy, peanuts, or eggs.


Customer Reviews

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June Edwards

not tried it yet

beverly merrill
Cranbrry Fudge Breakfast Cookies...DELICIOUS!

We love the cranberry fudge breakfast cookies.! They make a delicious breakfast treat as well as a snack treat any time during the day

Michelle Crowe

Love the Cranberry Fudge Cookie...definitely one of my favorites!

Janet Dankert
My husband's favorite

He loves all the Prepared Pantry cookies, but he's obsessed with the Cranberry Fudge cookies. They are awesome!

Susan R.
Super yummy chocolate cookies

They last, and are as good day four as day one. Delicious chocolate cookies with a great flavor and texture!