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Western Cracked Wheat 2 lb


This makes terrific bread!

  • Add this to your favorite bread recipe. Simply substitute this cracked cereal for part of the flour. (We use one to 1/3 cup of cereal per loaf.) It is an excellent addition to your favorite muffin recipes.
  • Use this western cracked wheat in your breads or eat it as a breakfast cereal.

Customer Reviews

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Norma Solares
Cracked Wheat

Great for bread baking!

Randy Burns
Western Cracked Wheat

I was searching for a hot cereal that would come close to Ralston Hot Cereal, which is no longer available. I have eat it as a kid forever and tried 5 others that didn’t come close. Western Cracked Wheat is sooo close that I don’t miss Ralston now. Other cracked wheat contains other grains, but this is 100% cracked wheat. I liked it so much I ordered 2 more. Don’t stop handling it. Oh ! the shipping was quick too and as well as updates !!!

Delicious bread

I made a loaf of cracked wheat bread with this and it was absolutely superb. A half hour soak in boiling water softened this cracked wheat perfectly, and I brushed the stop with an egg wash before scoring it and dusted some more cracked wheat on top for a little crunch. The bread was chewy and moist, but not dense and heavy. It raised well and made a beautiful loaf.

Michael Thomas
Perfect for making cracked wheat bread

I have used this product to make cracked wheat bread for many years and have never been disappointed. The taste, texture, and color are always the same and always great; other brands of cracked wheat do not come close.

Eugenie McCurry
Love it

This is the cracked wheat of old times. I eat as a hot cereal in the morning and I love it.