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Bread Proofing Bags, Pack of 3 Extra Large

Proofing bags are not just for bread bakers. You'll find a bucket of uses.

  • These bags are huge! You can store a 50-pound of flour or sugar in these bags. Keeps bugs off and moisture out.
  • These bags are tough! Heavy plastic and welded construction.
  • These bags are safe! Meets FDA and USDA specifications for food contact. (Never use garbage or recycled bags for food storage or contact.)
  • These bags are handy. Don't wrap plastic over a sheet of brownies. Put the whole pan in the bag.  Close it with a tie.
  • Form a tent over your brownies. Protect the frosting on top.  
  • You can see what's in them. Made with 100% virgin, high-clarity polyethylene film.
  • Reusable, washable.  They'll last forever.
  • Watch your bread rise! These are perfect proofing bags.
  • Your bread will rise higher, faster.  It's a tent. Nothing to hold the dough down.

homemade bread 

Tired of waiting forever for your bread to rise? It will rise better in a controlled environment without plastic stretched over it. Proofing bags will make you a better baker--for loaves, rolls, and pastries! 

And they are not just for bread. The bags are large enough for 50-pound bags of flour. (Flour will stale and dry out if left open to the air.)

I live in the mountains of northern Arizona, and I was having trouble getting my bread to rise properly. Using the Bread Proofing Bags made a huge difference! --Susan Lewin 

They work like a charm, and I am glad they are in my pantry! Thank you,--Jill Kienlen  

This proofing bag is so handy. No more messing with plastic wrap, and it is large and strong enough to use when I make cinnamon rolls or use my largest pizza pan. I have used it several times, and it still looks new.--Lola Zunker 

These are FDA approved food safe. You'll never go back to plastic wrap.

Try these proofing bags. You'll bake better. Your food will store better.



Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Michael Kennedy
Big bags

I haven’t used these yet but they are sturdy and should last a long time. I’ve seen this type of product used in a lot in some baking challenges on TV

Roomy, sturdy

These proofing bags are HUGE, as well as thick and sturdy. Now I have the option to put two baking sheets in one bag.


Work perfectly!

extra large

these bags are nice and big, fitting anything I have tried to put in them, Great price, too. As usual, The Prepared Pantry gets things right!

Roxanne Shull
Great products

I’ve been buying for years. Love the bread mixes and desserts.