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White Cookie Drops 30oz

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Smooth and rich white chips for the best baking results.

You'll love the delicious desserts and cookies you can make with these white chips. You will be amazed at how good these premium white chips are--much better than those commonly found in the grocery store.

Don't miss these really scrumptious chips. Why settle for low-quality chips when you have found the best?

  • Made by a candy company--and taste like it
  • Resealable, zipper-type closure to ensure freshness.
  • We guarantee you'll love them, or your money back.

Ingredients: Sugar, Partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil, whey, nonfat milk, mono and diglyceride and soya lecithin emulsifiers, artificial color (titanium dioxide), natural and artificial flavors. This product is packaged with equiptment that us used in the production of baking mixes and may contain traces of soy, diary, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts or eggs.


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melissa martin
great product

i love all of your products they are very good quality and people comment.on the difference in taste and texture when i use them