Tips for using cinnamon chips

Tips for using cinnamon chips

Dennis Weaver Dennis Weaver Mar 23, 2024

Bakers' notes:

  • If you're making yeasted bread with these, fold in the cinnamon chips after the bread is kneaded. The chips tend to become soft and dissolve in the rough kneading with a dough hook. 
  • Make the best banana bread in the neighborhood by adding cinnamon chips. Make incredible zucchini bread. Make your Saturday morning pancakes memorable by throwing in some cinnamon chips.
  • If your recipe calls for cinnamon, add cinnamon chips. Don't leave out the cinnamon. Use cinnamon chips and ground cinnamon. You'll be amazed at the difference that makes.
  • Ground cinnamon floats to the background in most recipes. It's a supporting ingredient. Cinnamon chips are the stars. You get a burst of cinnamon in every bite. And it's not just ordinary cinnamon; it's a sweet, bright cinnamon. It's a different experience.

Keep cinnamon chips in the pantry!

"We go through these so fast! Use them in everything, from bread to muffins to pancakes. They add such an intense cinnamon flavor. " Jenny

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