The Almost Complete Guide to Rice Krispie Treats for Adults and Kids

The Almost Complete Guide to Rice Krispie Treats for Adults and Kids

Dennis Weaver Dennis Weaver Feb 22, 2024

The rice krispie treats above are made with strawberry jam and marshmallows, strawberry marshmallow treats. You'll find other intriguing treats below.


Rice Krispie Treats Fit for a Dinner Party

When our kids were little, they loved homemade cookies. But alas, we didn't always have time to make cookies. (Yep, some of the time, I was the baker.) Enter, Rice Krispie Treats--cookie like treats, not in an hour but in minutes.  No baking. No fuss. No wondering how well they will turn out.

But now your adult friends are coming over and you need something for them.  And you don't have an hour to spend.

Enter Rice Krispie Treats again. Make "Big Boy" rice krispie treats. It's minutes again. But it's something they'll love. In fact, it will impress them. Be prepared. They will ask you for the recipe.

But these are so easy, you really don't need a recipe.  But don't tell them that.

Today, we'll introduce you to several Big Boy rice krispie treats. But please, they're starting points. Be creative and invent your own.  

But be warned; the kids are going to want to eat these too.




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