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Marshmallow Pancake Syrup and Sauce Mix

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  • I've never heard of marshmallow syrup. What does it taste like? Well, marshmallow is the dominant flavor.  But it doesn't taste like marshmallow cream. It's more sophisticated than that.  The background flavor is caramel.  That's because it's made with butter and sugar. That's how you make caramel--cook butter and sugar together.
  • But what else? Dairy has buttermilk in it, but the acid has been neutralized, so it's smooth and mellow. But it's not plain buttermilk. At last check, our supplier, the producer, produced 32 different kinds of buttermilk. We hit the jackpot.
  • What does buttermilk taste like without the acid?  It's the acid that makes buttermilk sour. So, you take the acid out and mellow and sweet.  Lactose, the sugar that dairy has, gives it a mellow, lasting taste.
  • But what does it taste like? It's mild and in the background, but it tastes like faint butterscotch, definitely a background flavor.
  • So, where does the marshmallow flavor come from? We work with a really good flavor supplier. The flavor is layered over the neutralized buttermilk taste.
  • How much does it make? This mix makes about two cups of thick syrup. You add butter and water. Refrigerate any unused syrup and use it within two months.

I love this syrup. It's fantastic on pancakes or a dessert! This marshmallow-flavored syrup is perfect on S'mores Pancakes but it's also terrific on a banana split, French toast, or cake

We'll refund your money if you don't like this as much as I do.

How to Make Candy Popcorn with Your Leftover Marshmallow Syrup

candy popcorn

You can pop popcorn in your RV or over the fire.  You can pour the syrup over the warm popcorn.  It'll be sticky, ooey-gooey, which is fine, but you can give your popcorn a thinner, less sticky coating by reheating the syrup, adding some water to thin the syrup if it's too thick, and adding some baking soda--a half teaspoon will do for a partial batch of syrup.

The baking soda foams and creates tiny air bubbles and a thinner coating on the popcorn, which dries harder and becomes more crunchy. But chewy, gooey is good too.





Syrup mix ingredients: Sugar, dry milk, corn syrup, and natural and artificial flavors.


Customer Reviews

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Vanessa Cordova
Yummy and Versatile!

We just love Marshmallow Syrup. It is probably our favorite and it's the one we keep stocked up on. I just tried a new use for it! I cut down on the water a little and put it on my microwave ready popcorn! It was delicious and now I am going to buy even more syrup!!


It is so yummy , creamy and tastes great on our pancakes and waffles!! Good job!!

Leslie Stevens
Marshmallow syrup is one of our favorites!!

Had a slight issue with older gift cards- your team did a quick job of figuring things out while the gal zipped around and filled my order-
As much as I miss shopping inside- those folks are always fun & quick to answer questions & fill opps - can you get this order!!


So delish and super easy to prepare

Camille Shupe
Marshmallow syrup

Very delicious and thick!