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S'mores Pancake Mix, 24 oz.

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  • Okay. What makes this a S'mores Pancake? Well, it's got gobs of chocolate in a graham cracker-tasting pancake. 
  • So, what's the dominant flavor?  Chocolate, really good chocolate. The graham cracker is in the background. 
  • Amazing! Well, what about the marshmallow? That's marshmallow syrup. You can buy it separately, but it's not expensive.
  • It doesn't look like marshmallow cream. It's marshmallow syrup, lighter in color and more mellow and marshmallowy.  
  • Will my kids like it? Sure, it's sweet. But it's much more sophisticated than you expect.  It's an adult syrup. 
  • What's in it? It has some buttermilk, but the acid has been neutralized, so it's smooth and mellow.  The syrup is made with sugar and butter--like caramel with marshmallow.
  • So what happens when you combine them? The chocolate is the dominant flavor. The caramelly marshmallow comes through next. The flavor of graham crackers stays in the background. It's a really great combination.


These are fun pancakes, campfire pancakes. They'll remind the kids of summer camp and impress your friends. They're great for camping, but they're also fun for a summer breakfast on the deck.

Who would have thought it?  

Your family is going to love this. It's a s'mores-tasting experience. There will be no leftovers.

You can almost smell the smoke!

How to Make Candy Popcorn with Your Leftover Marshmallow Syrup

candy popcorn

You can pop popcorn in your RV or over the fire.  You can pour the syrup over the warm popcorn.  It'll be sticky, ooey-gooey, which is fine, but you can give your popcorn a thinner, less sticky coating by reheating the syrup, adding some water to thin the syrup if it's too thick, and adding some baking soda--a half teaspoon will do for a partial batch of syrup.

The baking soda foams and creates tiny air bubbles and a thinner coating on the popcorn, which dries harder and becomes more crunchy. But chewy, gooey is good too.





—Featured Review—

Delicious Pancakes. A bit of guilty pleasure. Tastes like dessert for breakfast. Loved them.
Esta Kronberg

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Darrell Baird

We were excited to try the S'mores pancake mix as we have loved our other purchases from The Prepared Pantry. This mix tasted of nothing but salt! Suspect this was a manufacturing issue. First clue that there was a problem was the batter doubled in volume when mixed. Made the pancakes - they were inedible and went straight into the trash can. Meal ruined, waste of money. So disappointed...

We recently detected a small batch of our S'mores Pancake Mix had accidentally had too much salt added to the run. We have refunded all customers that could have potentially received this batch of S'mores Pancake Mix in their order. We apologize for this error and deeply regret any inconvenience it may have caused. We strive to maintain the highest quality standards and are taking steps to ensure such an issue does not occur again. If you have any further concerns or need assistance, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team. We value your feedback and thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Prepared Pantry Customer Service

Esta Kronberg
Delicious Pancakes

A bit of guilty pleasure. tastes like dessert for breakfast.
Loved them.

Karol K.
Quick easy delicious breakfast!

These pancakes were great! I think the key is to wait until the tops are not shiny/wet anymore before flipping. If you flip back and forth too many times, the melted chocolate chips won’t keep their form. Kind of what the instructions say! Plenty of chocolate chips. I love something sweet for breakfast.

Emma Lyons

Pancake mix was good, I’ve only made them once, so review may be better after a couple of times.