The Prepared Pantry

S'mores Pancake Mix 24 oz.

  • Gobs of chocolate in graham cracker pancakes. Add marshmallow syrup.
  • A campfire experience, even in your kitchen.
  • Your family will go crazy over these.
  • This is "big boy" syrup. It's not kidsy. It's incredible!
  • A chocolate, chocolate lover's experience.
  • These are fun pancakes. Who would have thought it?  


This really is chocolatey; that's the dominant flavor.  The pancake is good, too. It's made with graham flour boosted with graham cracker flavor. And the syrup, it's not what you expect--more sophisticated and smooth. You can take it to a garden party.  it's from another planet. 

Christy in shipping, tells me this is their favorite.  It's pancakes in the morning, and then in the evening, they take the leftover syrup and make marshmallow popcorn.  That's perfect for a movie! And a lot of fun in one package!--Dennis at The Prepared Pantry

You know how they taste: chocolate and graham, and a really good marshmallow syrup. The last time you tasted anything this good was in summer camp years ago. It'll bring back all the fun of yesteryear.

Your family is going to love this. It's a s'mores-tastic experience. There will be no leftovers.

You can almost smell the smoke!




Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Esta Kronberg
Delicious Pancakes

A bit of guilty pleasure. tastes like dessert for breakfast.
Loved them.

Karol K
Quick easy delicious breakfast!

These pancakes were great! I think the key is to wait until the tops are not shiny/wet anymore before flipping. If you flip back and forth too many times, the melted chocolate chips won’t keep their form. Kind of what the instructions say! Plenty of chocolate chips. I love something sweet for breakfast.

Emma Lyons

Pancake mix was good, I’ve only made them once, so review may be better after a couple of times.