Closeout! Danish Aebleskiver (Ebleskiver) Pancake Puff Cast Iron Pan

SKU: TN3115

Aebleskivers make any time a special time! They're so fun and so impressive!

  • Quick and easy to make--on the stovetop!
  • Perfect for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions.
  • Since you don't need an oven, great for the patio and camping.
  • A very fun family activity!

Please note, this is a heavy, cast iron pan with an open bottom. It's great for cooking but may scratch your flat glass-topped range if you slide the pan.

4 Easy Steps to Fabulously Fun Aebleskiver!

  • Fill each cavity half full of batter.
  • Add a filling.
  • Add batter over the filling.
  • When done on the bottom, turn them over with a skewer or other prong so the top can cook.

Since these are so much fun to make and serve, get yourself a pan and delight your family and friends!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Janice Allen
Poor quality design

Super rough cast and poor finish. The assembly of the handle to the pan is poorly engineered to the extent that it can’t be assembled without splitting the wood. I’ll be returning this item.

William Freedman
Great second effort!

The order arrived promptly, and you were even able to straighten out a physical address issue that the Internet introduced. Only problem was, it wasn't what I ordered. I asked for an ebleskiver pan and got a paella pan instead. But when I called you up, you promised to ship out the correct order the next day, and you were as good as your word. You even told me to keep the paella pan! The only reason I'm giving you only 4 stars is because you didn't get it right the first time. Still, your customer service response was better than I could hope for. I'm very much inclined to order from you again.


Not sure what I did wrong. I admit it was at least a year before I attempted to make these little goodies. So the pan had never been unwrapped and used. I rinsed it before using it but did not use soapwater and upon using it one time it has rust spots. Any ideas on what I did wrong and can do to fix??

Shelly Thomas
Practice is good

I made some the day after I received the pan. Practice is needed, but they were very good!


Enjoyed it,. Need to feel more comfortable with it.