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Legendary Flourless Chocolate Cake Mix

SKU: D30

This is like visiting a fine New York restaurant. You won't find a better flourless chocolate cake anywhere.

"It's elegant, superb, . . . and easy."  FR

"It turned out moist, dense, and rich. It was easy to make and turned out beautiful"  Victoia Deseret

"This is so moist and good. Excellent with a drizzle of raspberry sauce over warmed cake."  Mary Koselke

If your friends are coming and you've got you have to have a dessert that impresses, this is it.

Is this really flourless? It is made without flour. However, because we process other mixes with flour, trace amounts of flour are possible but not likely in this mix. If you are highly allergic to flour, we recommend that you not buy this mix.

Your family and friends will love this! They will be impressed. We guarantee it or your money back.

Make a flourless chocolate cake just like a fine New York City restaurant.



Ingredients: Granulated sugar, chocolate (sugar, chocolate liqueur, cocoa butter, butter oil, soy lecithin, and vanilla), cocoa, corn starch, natural and artificial flavor, salt, and baking powder. This product may contain traces of dairy, wheat, egg, nut and soy products.


Customer Reviews

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Bobbi S.
Delicious Easy Baking Experience

Made the flourless chocolate cake mix according to directions (sort of). I only have a 60 year old electric mixer with no paddle, but it worked perfectly. I'm thinking that I can do the final mixing by hand, if necessary. I also only had
jumbo eggs (rather than lg eggs). I think that next time I will try using only 5 Jumbo Eggs to get a more dense consistency. Despite the above, the results were amazing. The cake did not call for a glaze on top, but I made one anyway.
The cake was excellent with and without the glaze.

Jerry Fish

Wonderful cake, liked by all. A Passover hit!!

June M
Flourless chocolate cake mix

Didn’t bake evenly and struck to bottom of the pan even with buttering.

linda shelby
No taste

Very bland!

Mary Ann Rodewald

Sorry, I haven’t used it yet.