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Madagascar Vanilla Extract 2 oz.

Madagascar Vanilla Extract 2 oz.
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Madagascar Vanilla Extract 2 oz.

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Would you like to bake better for pennies a serving?

Most recipes call for a teaspoon of vanilla. There are 48 teaspoons in a cup. Vanilla prices fluctuate but chances are, it's less than 50 cents a recipe. And a recipe may serve 20 to 40. That's pennies per serving.

When you look at it that way, it's pennies a serving.

But will really good vanilla make your baking better?

The professional bakers think so; it's what they use.

The most popular vanilla among professional bakers--the standard of premium professional bakers.

Rich flavor profile that is delicate, sweet, creamy, and pleasant.

"Single fold" vanilla. "Folds" measures the intensity of the vanilla.

A single fold means that 13.5 ounces of vanilla beans were used in the extraction of one gallon of vanilla.

Extracted from beans by a company with over 100 years experience working with vanilla beans and extract.

Comes in a dark glass bottle to protect the delicate tones from light.

Marsden and Bathe flavors are generally used in bakeries and fine restaurants by pastry chefs and are not generally available to consumers. See if they are not better than grocery store flavors. They're 100% guaranteed! If you are not delighted, we'll give you your money back. Vanilla is used in baking, in desserts, and often in whipped cream and frostings.

Here's how to make your whipped cream better:

The higher the fat content, the thicker the cream and the easier it is whip into stable peaks.Half-and-half has a minimum of 12% fat. Light cream has a minimum of 20% fat Whipping cream has a minimum of 30% fat. Heavy cream contains 36% fat.

You can find cream with more fat than 36%. Try Darigold’s Extra Heavy Whipping Cream with 40% fat from Sam’s Club. The extra fat makes a quite a difference in how easy it whips and how long it holds without melting.

Use meringue powder. Add meringue powder to your whipping cream to keep it from melting (and to your frostings to make them stiffer and and less likely to mar).

Learn more about and shop for meringue powder.

Discover whipped cream frostings:

Whipped cream frostings are delightful and simple to make.

Try them in place of buttercream frostings.

Not only do they taste wonderful but because of the whipped cream rather butter base, they are lighter and less caloric.

See a recipe for a basic whipped cream frosting.

See a recipe that uses whipped cream in a delightful cream cheese frosting.

Other recipes that use vanilla:

Vanilla Spritz Cookies

Vanilla Cream Pie

Angel Food Cake

Macadamia White Chocolate Raspberry Cookies

Ingredients: Pure bourbon-Madagascar vanilla extract, water, alcohol, and corn syrup.