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Decorative White Sugar Crystals 28 oz


Add Glitter, Color, and Crunch to Your Desserts.

We put this package of sugar crystals together with cookie decorators (and their kids) in mind.

Add glitter, color, and crunch to your cookies and desserts. You can make these white crystals whatever color you like. Put some of the crystals in a bowl, add a couple drops of food coloring, and stir. Mix and match your colors. Save any leftover crystals in a jar or plastic bag.

Make a whole set of your very own colors and let the kids have a ball. Help them make their own colors. Since you are only paying a fraction of what sugar crystals cost in the grocery stores, don't worry if they spill them or if the color is only beautiful to a five year old.

Note: If you use gel colors instead of liquids, mix a dab of gel with a drop of water on a spoon and then stir it into a cup of sugar crystals.

What a great project at Christmastime or on a long afternoon with the kids.

Ingredients: Sugar. This product is packed with equipment that processes baking mixes and may contain traces of nuts, wheat, dairy, soy, or eggs.


Customer Reviews

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Lois Frambes

I love adding sparkle to baked goods, especially at Christmas, of course, but also on some cookies and pies all winter long. Great for cookies on a wedding cookie table, and birthday cakes. And Prepared Pantry makes the best, most sparkly sugar crystals.