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500 Professional Red Glassine Paper Baking Cup Liners


Try the professional cupcake and muffin liners the pros use.

These are better quality than those at the grocery store at an amazing price!

We use these in our test kitchen. They're a pretty red, the glassine paper coating helps repel grease, and they cost a lot less. They come in a plain brown wrapper but who cares.

If you make a lot of cupcakes or muffins, get these.

  • 500 count professional glassine coated baking liners.
  • Standard cupcake size (2" x 1 1/2")

Save money and get better paper liners--the ones the pros use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Harriet Curtis
Happy Baker

So pleased with these baking cup liners! They actually cling to the cupcakes till they need to be removed before eating; this makes for a beautiful and neat presentation. Great quality, Thank You!

Jill Crawford


Barbara Adrian

500 Professional Red Glassine Paper Baking Cup Liners

Katylee McInerney
So-So+ Liners

These liners need to be sprayed to prevent sticking, but when peeled off, they do not tear. They are not too thin and not too thick. I thought their name, "glassine," meant that they were better than avarage, but they are average. The price is good, so that makes up for being average otherwise. The red color is pretty and perfect for Christmas and Valentines. Since there are 500, they will also look great on Independence Day. Everything considered, they are a smidgen better than average!