Browning's Honey

Browning's Old-Fashioned Cream Style Jalapeno Honey 16 oz

This will take your cheese sandwiches and hamburgers to a different level.

  • Naturally gluten-free with all-natural flavors
  • Plenty of all-natural jalapeno honey flavor perfect for toast, biscuits, rolls, and sandwiches
  • Beautiful cream color that is delightful on any table
  • Cream-style Rocky Mountain honey, pure and easy to spread
  • Beautiful honeycomb jars that are perfect for gift-giving

Jalapeno honey is fabulous on grilled corn on the cob, cornbread, or in place of mustards and sauces on ham or baked chicken. It's terrific on the grill for ribs or even hamburgers.

Jalapeno honey makes a wonderful companion to cheese. Customers use jalapeno honey on their grilled cheese sandwiches.

This jalapeno honey is mild yet spicy. The flavor comes through in a new and marvelous way.  

Each large, attractive glass jar contains 16 ounces of premium honey.

Ingredients: Pure honey, natural flavor, color. No preservatives added.


Customer Reviews

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Doug Nelson
Spiced honey!!

It is so good and not overly spicy!! My wife likes it a lot! I may have to buy some more!! Thank you!!