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Chocolate Fudge Brownie Cookie Mix

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Chocolate Fudge Brownie Cookies! Everyone loves these gooey, fudgy cookies! They are moist, chewy brownie-like cookies with enough chocolate to satisfy your cravings. They are made with the finest imported cocoa and loads of chocolate chips.

If you like brownies or those chocolate cookies found in the mall shops, you will love these cookies.

We served these to kids and adults and everyone loved them. We guarantee that you, too, will love these extraordinary cookies. They are truly gourmet cookies.

You'll make three to four dozen wonderful cookies. (Butter and eggs are not included.)


Customer Reviews

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Anne Moody
Chocolate lovers

It was an instant hit.

Pamela Pyle
Chocolate fudge brownie cookie mix

I loved them. They were great. I had so many cookies that I had to give some to my neighbor and she loved them. I’m gonna order more of those.

Joseph Rand
What Have I Been Missing!!

Recently, I visited my parents home and they made an amazing pumpernickel bread. I had no idea that this was fresh bread from a bread machine. Then, they told me, that the bread mix came from prepared pantry. I immediatly went out and bought a bread machine and ordered a bunch of bread mixes. So far, I made the country white bread and my wife and I could not stop eating the bread. We killed the whole loaf in one sitting. Do yourself the favor of stop buying bread at the store and get a bread machine and buy the mixes from prepared pantry only. You won’t regret it.

Shirley Brodeur



Nothing bad to say about these cookies. The family gobbled 'em up. Great with a glass of cold milk!