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Ramstadt Breda Rich Dark Cocoa 16 oz

These reviews and recipes prove that you have better chocolate.

  • Much, much better than the cocoa in the brown can
  • Makes everything taste much better
  • Everything from pies to hot chocolate just got better
  • "Much better than grocery store cocoa."
  • "By far the best cocoa I've ever come across."
  • Use it in everything from cakes, to brownies, to granola. 
  • "Amazing!"
  • Gourmet dark cocoa from Germany
  • A 22 to 24% cocoa butter content compared to 8 to 10% for the national brand, making this three times as good.
  • ProA full pound in a resealable Mylar bag 

This cocoa is clearly better.  It's our original, bestselling dark cocoa. We use it in most of our mixes. We depend on it for better-tasting products.

Your friends and family will be astonished at the difference between this and store-bought cocoa.

This has up to three times the cocoa butter—22 to 24% compared to 8% to 10% for most grocery store cocoa. This is up to three times better! No wonder it is so rich, dark, and chocolatey.

Your friends and family will be amazed at how much better your chocolate is.

Here are some recipes guaranteed to delight your family and neighbors. 

First, take a look at these Legendary Brownies. This recipe was years in the making—rich, dark, and moist brownies.

ultimate brownies

Hot fudge sauce is usually made by melting chocolate, but you can make an exceptional sauce with this cocoa with its high cocoa butter content. See the recipe here.

hot fudge sundae

Top your brownies or an ice cream sundae with chocolate whipped cream--like vanilla whipped cream only much better.  Here are two ways to make chocolate whipped cream.

chocolate whipped cream recipe

Using really good cocoa and whole milk instead of nonfat dry milk, you can make richer, better cocoa than the canned mix found in grocery stores. And it's quick and easy to do.  See how to make better hot cocoa here.

hot chocolate recipe

See what others say!

"Everything always tastes so much better." Pamela Belanger

"The best cocoa I have ever used." Elizabeth Houghton

"Makes everything more chocolatey." Wendee Benson

"It's always awesome." Patricia Tate 

"We order lots to keep on hand." Peggy Stallings

"It is so good that lesser quality just doesn't taste right." Bruce W. Boedecker

"I am a German chocolate junkie. This gives a very authentic European flavor." Joe D.

"Gorgeous, rich cocoa elevates all chocolate desserts." Sandi Edelson

"It's the only cocoa I use . . . worth every penny." Jennifer Mattes

"Words cannot express how much I LOVE this cocoa." Michele Barnes 

"I am very impressed with its richness and color but mostly its taste. It's fantastic." Nisa

"Yeah, it makes a difference. Thanks for introducing us to this." Bonnie

"I haven't tasted one better. I will never buy anything else." Eva

Do your best baking with this cocoa. Your friends and family will love it.  


You may also wish to try Belcolade Dark Cocoa and Ramstadt Medium Dark Cocoa.


Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Alan Gardner
The Best

I really love this cocoa. It is all I use!

Jennifer Simpson

I made the best brownies I've ever made with this cocoa, highly recommend it!!

Bruce W Broecker
Ramstadt Breda Rich Dark Cocoa 16 oz

We have used this cocoa for cake frosting and making hot fudge for several years. The difference from ordinary cocoa is like night and day. The flavor is outstanding. It's pricey but makes all the difference worthwhile.

James Thompson

My preferred cocoa, now. Thanks for introducing us.

Shana Griffin
Rich baking cocoa

I haven’t used it yet! But I will! It smells rich and so chocolatey.