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Lemon Pancake Syrup and Sauce Mix.

Look what you can do with this sauce!

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  • This fabulous! It tastes just like a lemon pie. Best lemon flavor anywhere!
  • It's fabulous on pancakes or French toast. Try it on raspberry or blueberry pancakes.
  • Drizzle some over ice cream for a simple dessert that is luscious.
  • Put lemon sauce over angel food cake, top it with fresh blueberries, and a dollop of whipped cream.
  • It's a classic match for blueberries and terrific on strawberry and raspberry desserts, even strawberry or raspberry shortcakes.
  • It transforms gingerbread from good to extraordinary. 


I've always loved lemon. Lemon is my favorite pie. And I love good lemon desserts. But good lemon can be hard to find. Much of it is tinny, metallic tasting. This isn't. It's lemon pie on your plate.

You add butter and water. It makes a thick, creamy, lemon-colored syrup with a bright lemon flavor just like a good lemon pie.

This is not just for pancakes.  It would taste good on cardboard!

See what other say!


"This syrup is beyond decadent! It's full-bodied and luscious, and if you love the flavor of lemons, you will NOT be disappointed!"  Gaye Watson


"Loved it. I made the Lemon Syrup for a family waffle dinner, it was a hit. Also, very good on blueberry pancakes."  Marilyn Wasden 


"This is the perfect syrup glaze for a blueberry loaf that I make. I have used on other desserts as well. I haven't tried it on pancakes...I should purchase the blueberry pancake mix and try it on those (as there is just something about the combination of blueberry and lemon)."  Suzanne Jackson


Try it. If you're not delighted with this lemon syrup, we'll give you your money back.

Customer Reviews

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Very Tasty Syrup

Very tasty syrup.


We love having different flavors for our food!! It is great!! Thank you!!

Anita Brower

We use the lemon syrup for yummy lemon chicken. My family enjoys it very much and it is so easy to make! A huge hit at dinner time in our home.

Romanda Berry

Lemon Pancake Syrup and Sauce Mix. Limit 1.


Great taste.