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Extra Large Wire Mesh Cooling Racks

Extra Large Wire Mesh Cooling Racks
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You dont have to hunt around for two or three racks; you can get twice as many cookies on these racks.  Besides, these do a better job.
  • These racks are 12 1/2 x 18-inches.  Its easier to space your baked goods so that the air can circulate around them.  They cool better, faster.
  • They hold cookies further off the counter  (1 1/4 inches off the counter)--and not sweat on the counter.
  • Because they are made with steel mesh instead of bars, small cookies and other items do not get caught in the gaps.

Besides, they just look nice.
I use these racks every day.  They are essential.  I really like that they nest perfectly in an 11 x 17-inch baking sheet with just a bit of overhang.  When I frost cookies or pastries, I set the rack in a baking sheet.  When the frosting drips through the rack, I dont have a mess on the counter to clean up.  I just rinse out the baking sheet.

I cook fish, chicken, pork, and oven fries on these racks set in a baking sheet.  I line the sheet with foil for quick clean-up.  It's a great, time-saving way to cook. --Dennis Weaver


" These 12 x 18-inch cooling racks will make you a better baker, will save you time, and are incredibly versatile."


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