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Hi-Country Wheat Gluten (Economy Size)

Hi-Country Wheat Gluten (Economy Size)
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Extra gluten ensures a perfect texture in your breads--essential in rye and whole wheat recipes.

Wheat flour contains two proteins that, when hydrated and mechanically worked, develops gluten.  Gluten gives breads the chewy, elastic texture we love so much.  Use this gluten to bolster your doughs for lighter bread with a better crumb.

Added gluten is especially important in whole wheat and dark rye breads.  In these breads, the bran in the flours cuts and damages the existing protein strands as they are being worked.  
One-half tablespoon per loaf of Hi-Country Wheat Gluten adds about 3% protein.  For rye or 100% whole wheat breads we recommend up to one tablespoon per loaf.

Baker's note:  Should I use both gluten and dough conditioner in my bread?  In some recipes, yes.  The two have very different roles. While gluten adds protein and structure to the bread, the dough conditioner's primary role is to enhance the environment for yeast growth creating a larger, lighter loaf.  Part of that is done by altering the pH of the dough to make it slightly acidic.

Ingredients: Wheat gluten.  This product contains wheat and may contain traces of eggs, dairy, soy, peanuts or tree nuts.


" Use this to increase the gluten in your dough. Essential for rye and whole wheat breads. A 20-ounce package. Use this gluten to bolster your doughs for lighter bread with a better crumb. You'll love the results!


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