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6" Wax Paper Squares (250pcs)

6" Wax Paper Squares (250pcs)
6" Wax Paper Squares (250pcs)

Wax paper is one of the greatest kitchen inventions of all time.

What's the next greatest invention? Wax paper squares!

Save yourself some time, energy,  and  frustration with these handy-dandy pre-cut 6" wax paper squares. They're especially great to use when you have a ton of candies to wrap or hamburger patties to separate. Plus, you save yourself from wasting the extra paper you end up with when you're trying to rip off sheets of wax paper as you go. You won't be sorry you invested in these perfect little wax squares.
  • 250 pcs per package
  • Doesn't stick to fresh foods
  • Won't freeze to meat
  • Aids in easy patty and filet separation
  • Perfect for wrapping caramels, popcorn balls, chocolates, and more! 

" Save time and energy with wax paper squares!"

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