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The Gift Shop 013

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Pepe's Deluxe Taco Press

Make better tacos! Fresh, homemade taco shells are better.  See how to ma..

$19.99 $17.99

Two Medium Tortilla Pans (7-inches)

Look what you can make with these tortilla pans! This is a set of two 7-inch pans, perfect for..


Four Small Tortilla Pans (4 1/2-inches)

Look what you can make with these tortilla pans! This is a set of four 4 1/2-inch pans, perfec..


Deluxe Fruit and Veggie Juicer

Separate the juice from the pulp of your favorite fruits and vegetables to create your own fresh jui..


Spiralizer: Triple Spiral Slicer

See the video and get the recipe book below. Now you can make fast, fun meals with the twist of h..


Candy Apple Red Silicone Springform Pan

This 9 inch red springform pan will change the way you bake.Because it doesn't leak, this will be th..


The Apple Master (also curly fries, onion rings, and more)

It's not just about apple pies and such!It also makes:Curly friesOnion ringsSweet potato friesYes, i..


(1.5 quart) Strawberry Heritage Kitchen Colander

Get these beautiful stainless steel colanders with decorative cutouts. The ext..


Heritage Hand Crank Nut Chopper.

This will be your favorite nut chopper!Turn the windmill crank to chop nuts easily. ..


Deluxe Non-Stick Rolling Pin..

Tired of dough sticking to your rolling pin?  Get this deluxe non-stick rolling pin. Add thi..


Candy Apple Red Mixing Bowl Set (3)

Welcome to your everyday bowls.  You'll use them almost every day. It's the..


Nonstick Cookie Sheet Set, 3pc

This baking sheet set offers all you need to create batches with ease. Baking set includes nonsti..


Chicken Little Timer

This chicken will keep your food and goodies from burning! And it will look g..


Deluxe Large White Melamine Batter Bowl (3 Quart)

These are my favorite utility batter bowls.  I use them both in our test kitch..


Deluxe Large Yellow Melamine Batter Bowl (4 Quart)

I love these bowls! They are super nice!These are just like the white batter bowls but butter yellow..


Deluxe Marble Rolling Pin with Hardwood Base..

This marble rolling pin is the best for making pies and pastries!  If you are serious about mak..