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Sugar & Sweeteners

The Sweeteners: Dry Honey, Turbinado, Sugar Crystals, and More

Sweeteners are essential to baking.  Here you will find sweeteners like turbinado sugar, honey crystals, and molasses crystals.

 Our specialty sweeteners allow you to add your personal touch to each recipe.

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Bulk Apple Cinnamon Sugar - 13.5 oz bag

Try this delightful mix of premium cinnamon, apple, and sugar. Sweeten your hot beverages with this ..


Cinnamon Maple Sugar (13.5 oz.)

Try this delightful maple flavored cinnamon sugar. We were surprised--this was even better than w..


Decorative Sugar Crystals

We put this package of sugar crystals together with cookie decorators (and their kids) in mind. ..


Natural Demerara Sugar Crystals

Demerara sugar is one of our favorite sweeteners. Since these demerara sugar crystals are less ..


Natural Honey Crystals (11oz.)

Honey is wonderful for baking.  It's a natural sweetener with its own delicate flavor and ..


Natural Molasses Crystals

We love the rich taste of molasses in our baking. Sugar is sweet but it doesn't carry a flavor...


Toasted Coconut Crunches (large 11 oz size--about 2 cups)

Add exciting taste and texture to donuts, cakes, pastries, and cookies! Sprinkle them on an ice..