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Stovetop Salt and Pepper Shakers

Stovetop Salt and Pepper Shakers
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The sign of a great cook is to have everything within reach.  Dedicate these to your stovetop and save a few steps every time you cook. 

What makes these shakers perfect for the stovetop is their large capacity and their large holes.  When you're seasoning a whole pan, you want to get a lot out in a hurry.  A few shakes and you have that stew seasoned.  Each shaker holds 1 1/4 cups so you rarely have to refill them.
These decorative salt and pepper shakers are perfect for both stovetop and patio use.  They're attractive, fun, and affordable.  Because they're inexpensive and practical, get a set for both the kitchen and the patio--maybe one for picnics too. 

" Decorate your stovetop with these attractive salt and pepper shakers."


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