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Sauce Master Mesh Strainer by Norpro (1951) (Compare to Victorio)

Sauce Master Mesh Strainer by Norpro (1951)  (Compare to Victorio)
Sauce Master Mesh Strainer by Norpro (1951) (Compare to Victorio)

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  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: TN1951
  • Weight: 4.74lb

Make sauces, purees, jams, jellies, juices, salsa and more with this quality kitchen appliance.  This strainer makes it easy.  This is the only kitchen strainer that you will ever need for vegetables, fruits, and purees.

  • Includes standard spiral and standard screen.
  • Mounts securely to your table or a cutting board. 
  • Strong steel construction with sturdy plastic hopper and apron chute. 
  • Easy to use.  Comes with instruction book and recipes.
  • Ideal for homemade sauces, purees, and juices.  No precooking is needed for soft textured fruits like tomatoes. 

This strainer automatically separates juice and pulp from seeds and skin with an easy continuous operation--ideal for home canning, freezing, and dehydrating.

Make perfect tomato sauce, puree, fruit juice, fruit butters. applesauce, baby food, pumpkin pie filling, jams, and jellies. 

Our kitchen gadget expert and texter had us order one of these. She took it home and tested it for three months. She worked it hard. She made applesauce, jellies and jams, purees and juices. Her report? Wonderful. In fact, we don't remember her ever being this excited about a product report.
We asked her about price, concerned about a price tag over $60. There are strainers in the stores for $50. This is a better unit. It's bigger, stronger. Except for the hopper and chute, it's made of steel. This is the better deal.

She showed us some seedless raspberry jam that she made with her victorio strainer. It was clear and beautiful with the seeds removed and had jelled perfectly. From the same batch of raspberry, she had made a raspberry sauce for shortcakes.

Her grandmother came over and showed her how to make applesauce. They boiled apples until they were almost tender and then cut them into quarters. They ran them through the victorio strainer. The skins, seeds, and stems came out the disposal end and perfect applesauce came out the chute. 

Strainer accessories available:

  • Berry Screen
  • Pumpkin Screen
  • Salsa Screen
  • Grape Spiral

New model! Sauce Master II by Norpro

This is the best type of strainer that we have found and nearly identical to the Victorio brand strainer--which we also carry. Make perfect sauces, jams, purees, and fillings.