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My go-to meal when Im in a hurry is a stir fry.  I put rice on to steam and then saute chicken or shrimp or pork and veggies.  I use Thai Sweet Chili Sauce or Mandarin Orange Sauce to give it the flavor punch.  Forget the soy sauce.  This makes a great meal in a hurry.Dennis Weaver

Here you will find wonderful rice for delicious, nutritious eating.
Rice doesn't have to be boring!  Gourmet rice makes an exciting, nutritious addition to any meal.  Here you will find calrose rice for sushi, saffron rice, and whole grain rice.  Try bamboo green rice or red Himalayan rice for a delightful change of pace. Many of these rices are processed less than white rice. 

Here you will find great rice products to serve your family.

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Use this rice for sushi, steamed rice, and Asian dishes.  This is a premium rice with s..
"         GABA rice is not only a tasteful addition to st..
Use this rice for sushi, steamed rice, and Asian dishes. This is a premium rice with superior flav..
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