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Professional Baker's Insta-Read Kitchen Thermometer by CDN

Professional Baker's Insta-Read Kitchen Thermometer by CDN
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“The Baker’s Secret Weapon” is Your Guarantee Against Most Bread Failures

If your bread’s not quite right, it might be the temperature.

My culinary school text calls a good thermometer, “the baker’s secret weapon.” That’s’ because temperature is critical to bread’s success.

If you want perfect homemade bread every time, bread that is baked to perfection and that you’re proud to serve your family, use a thermometer.

  1. The ideal temperature for water for most breads: 105 degrees
  2. The ideal temperature with bread mixes: 80 degrees
  3. The ideal temperature for bread dough: 79 degrees
  4. The temperature when bread is done: 190 to 210 degrees

If a good thermometer is the baker’s secret weapon, then your CDN thermometer is Excalibur. It’s the thermometer that we trust the most and the one we test others against.

We guarantee our bread mixes when you use a thermometer. If you don’t use a thermometer, there is no guarantee.

In a bread machine, baking starts based on time, not the condition of the dough. If your water is too warm, the bread rises too fast and collapses. If it is too cool, it doesn’t rise enough and is dense.

Use a thermometer to tell when your bread is done. You can’t tell by color. (Sugar caramelizes and turns brown before the bread is done.) Thumping the loaf isn’t accurate.

With a kitchen towel, tip the loaf pan upside down and gently cradle the loaf upside down in the towel. Stick the thermometer through the bottom of the loaf to the center.

  • For sandwich breads, it should register 190 degrees.
  • For French and other crusty breads, it should register 210 degrees.

If the bread is not done, stick it back in the oven and let it bake.


About CDN Thermometers


We searched for a professional quality thermometer that our customers could use to bake perfect bread. CDN is an instrument company. They make great, reliable thermometers.

  • Calibrated for precision
  • Accurate within two degrees
  • Guaranteed for five years
  • Can be used for meats and poultry
  • Advanced owner’s manual available free from the manufacturer.


If you want to bake perfect bread, get this “secret weapon.” It’s your best guarantee against failure.



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