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Raspberry Sour Cream Pancakes 24oz.

Special pancakes or waffles for a very special occasion.

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  • What makes these pancakes so special? They're different. No one has pancakes like these. They're our "bucket list" pancakes.
  • They're pretty. Do they taste as good as they look?  I think so. I think the sweet-tart raspberry pieces in moist sour cream pancakes are magnificent.  And you're right about being pretty. The raspberry pieces melt on the griddle into beautiful crimson splashes.
  • How much flavor do the raspberry bits have?  A lot. Tidbits are made to deliver a lot of flavor in baking.
  • Are the raspberry pieces made with raspberries? No, they're made like chocolate chips. Chocolate chips are melted and dropped into little pieces.  Tidbits are chopped into pieces. In cooking, they're the same.
  • How do the customers like them?  They love them. This is a five-star product.  There is one four-star. He liked them better when the recipe called for an egg.  You can add an egg. It changes the texture a bit.
  • Do I make them like ordinary pancakes? Yes, just the same. They're ordinary, extraordinary pancakes.  
  • Can I make waffles? Certainly, many people do.
  • Do I need raspberry syrup? Raspberry syrup on raspberry pancakes is extra good, but so is maple syrup. Our buttermilk syrup has a more neutral flavor.
  • Do I need to worry about the raspberry pieces melting in shipment? Never had a complaint. The raspberry pieces are buried in the mix and not packaged separately.  That protects them from the heat.

Dennis Weaver

These pancakes are spectacular! Look how the raspberry bits melt on the griddle or waffle iron into splashes of bright crimson.

They are our bestselling pancakes. No one has ever seen pancakes like these. Over the years, they have become famous.

These pancakes will make any day a special day. They say, "I love you!" Your family will love you.

Get some for a special day.



—Featured Review—

These are the berry best! Wonderful pancakes with berries in every bite. So easy to make too. Top them with the berry syrup..a whole new level of tasty!!--Jennifer Guzel

Customer Reviews

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Cheryl Park

I prepared them first family and they were delighted with them

Kimberlie Smith
Great Sunday Brunch

The Sour Cream Raspberry Pancakes were a surprise hit at my house. A little sweet cream and some fresh strawberries made for a 5-star brunch.

Maureen Smith
delicious pancakes

We really like the pancakes.

Patricia Quinn
Raspberry Sour Cream Pancakes

My husband and I just love them. But I make waffles instead of pancakes and they turn out great.


Raspberry Sour Cream Pancakes 24oz.