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Professional Lemon Pastry (2 lb bag)


  • A quality lemon pastry filling for professional bakers and others who make pastries.
  • Concentrated and flavorful, perfect for pastries.
  • Made with fresh lemons with little syrup for filler. 
  • Comes in a two-pound pack, approximately four cups
  • The plastic pouch is shaped like a pastry bag. Clip the corner and squeeze just as you would a pastry bag.
  • To store leftovers, fold the clipped corner over, secure it with a paper clip, and refrigerate the leftover filling. Use the leftover fillings within six months.

This is not a pie filling; it is a pastry filling. It is meant for pastries and is too concentrated for most pies.  

"Best Lemon Filling ever. My entire family - including two adult men who don't like much of anything - love this real lemon-tasting filling. It's as good as your Honey Whole Wheat Bread, they say." Elaine LaBonte 

"I used this to top cheesecakes, and as a filling for a white cake I made. For me, this is just the right balance of tart and sweet. Everyone raved about the taste. I'll be doing a lot more experimenting with this."  Janet Morrissey

 Use this pastry filling to make:

  • Filled Cupcakes
  • Sandwich Cookies
  • Fancy Cakes with Fillings and Frostings
  • Bar Cookies with Fillings
  • Stuffed French Toast with Fillings
  • Kolaches
  • Filled Sweet Rolls
  • Danish Pastries
  • Filled Donuts
  • Turnovers


Here you will find over 50 ways to use your lemon pastry filling. (Under construction)


This is a quality professional lemon pastry filling used in most pastry shops.  Because it is concentrated, you don't need much filling and the yield and cost per pastry are exceptional.  

Try this professional lemon pastry filling if you bake cakes or pastries that use pastry fillings. It is exceptional



Customer Reviews

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Melinda Gentry
Love this website

Delivery was fast and the product I have tried so far have been excellent. The bread kits are great, they come with the yeast too. I do add about a teaspoon of dough enhancer to all my bread products and they turn out light and airy which is how I like my bread

Marlene Godbout

Best ever lemon filling!

Lemon Filling

I love this lemon filling. I use it in cakes and in pastry deserts. It is DELICIOUS!

Cindy A. Neuschwanger

Professional Lemon Pastry/Dessert Filling (2 lb bag)

Mary Davis
Lemon filling

Worked great for the project I did! Thanks