Flour and Powdered Sugar Shaker

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      • Dust your bread loaves with flour just before baking.
      • Sprinkle powdered sugar on French toast.
      • Sprinkle potato flour on those potato or oat loaves or rolls.
      • Sprinkle powdered sugar on pastries or desserts.
      • Dust a cake or dessert with powdered sugar.


      We dust pastries and desserts with powdered sugar to make them pretty and professional-looking and dust the counter when we are making sugar cookies. We use one when we are making bread and rolls, both for dusting the counter and dusting rolls.

      "All my life, I had been just using a spoon to sprinkle powdered sugar on my pancakes, pastries, and desserts. I am so glad I discovered this shaker. LOVE IT!"  Dagmar Merritt

      These make your baked goods so much more attractive. It puts a light, even, professional-looking dusting of flour or sugar on rolls or pastries.

      "Exactly what I needed to dress up my baking products,"  Barbara S.

      You'll find these shakers such handy additions to your kitchen! Keep them handy, and you'll use them often. It's so much handier than dusting with a strainer--easier, more controlled, and you don't have to break out the powdered sugar or flour. Since you don't have to dig out the flour or sugar canister or hunt through the corner cupboard every time you need a dusting, they make your baking quicker and easier.

      These are sturdy shakers and will last a lifetime. They have stainless steel fine, double-mesh screens, and a one-cup capacity. They are perfect for flour and powdered sugar. 

      Use this to make your breads and pastries more attractive. Give them the finishing touch of the pros.


      Customer Reviews

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      Mary Lou Mattingly
      Flour and powdered sugar shaker

      I love it! Such a beautiful, fine dusting of powdered sugar on my lemon bars! Very professional looking, and I could not be more pleased with my purchase.

      Patricia Cox
      Waiting to use

      I haven't used it as yet. Waiting for Easter baking next week. Like the design and can't wait to use it.

      Patricia Criswell
      powdered sugar shaker

      the right size for the powdered sugar and flour.

      Steph Ware

      great product

      Sugar shaker

      Works great with powdered sugar sprinkled on cookies, waffles , endless ideas