6 inch Wax Paper Squares, 250pcs

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  • 250 pcs per package
  • Doesn't stick to fresh foods
  • Won't freeze to meat
  • Aids in easy patty and filet separation
  • Perfect for wrapping caramels, popcorn balls, chocolates, and more!


These waxed paper squares are a great kitchen invention. They are not just for burgers. 

  • We use them to freeze pancakes and bread slices so they don't stick together. (Pull one or two out and stick them in the toaster. The heat freshens them--almost like they came from the oven.
  • But those squares are so handy in other ways. When you're frying donuts, use the waxed paper square to transfer the puffy donuts to the oil without denting the soft dough or burning your fingers.
  • Use them to wrap candies, set popcorn balls on, and others.


It's amazing how often you use them.  Never rip sheets off the roll again.

Save time and energy with wax paper squares!

Customer Reviews

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Sharyn Ueckert
Very handy

I use these constantly. In between sliced bread, between crepes, on top of small bowls in the microwave. They are so well used that I just ordered a second box. Love the convenience

Carolyn McMeans
Handy Little Dudes

Hello There,
This is my second order of these. I use them just about daily. I separate burger patties, line small baking dishes, I wrap snacks for my grandson to take to work and miscellaneous things to go in the freezer. So much handier than trying to cut wax-paper, foil, or parchment to size. I noticed that you ran out of them a short time ago, but they came back in a hurry, so I guess I'm not the only one enjoying these "handy little dudes". Thanks

Lee Bujalski

6 inch Wax Paper Squares, 250pcs

Great Product

I like the 6" Wax Paper Squares those sheets work so well when I slice up the bread a sheet between each slice before I freeze the bread. I also like doing business with you as you have excellent product / mixes. Good baking instructions, Thanks, Jim

Elaine P.
Wax paper squares

They work perfectly which makes cheese, hamburgers separate great.