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Pizza & Pastry Roller

Pizza & Pastry Roller
Product Code: TN3077
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Form the pizza crust right in the pan!

So you're not very good at tossing and twirling pizzas?  Here's how to use a pizza roller to make uniform pizza crusts! 

"We use this tool every time we make a pizza.  We're not very good at twirling pizza crusts.  So we put the dough in the pan and press it to the edges.  A pizza roller does it much quicker and we get a uniform crust.  With a soft, pliable dough, we can get the crust as thin as we want.  Our pizza roller is a valued tool in the kitchen." 

To get that crust to bake right, it needs to be of a uniform thickness.  Roll it out just right with this little tool.  It's very difficult to roll a thin crust pizza by hand--but not with this tool.

It also works great for rolling pasta.

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