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Perfect Pizza Flour Blend (3.15 lb Bulk Pizza Mix)

Perfect Pizza Flour Blend (3.15 lb Bulk Pizza Mix)
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Use this as a bulk pizza mix, measuring out just what you need for a thin or thick crust.  It's economical and it's easy.  It's a blend of flours and pizza crust enhancers to make perfect thick or thin crusts.  You add only water, oil, and yeast. 
This makes a soft, easy dough that you form into thin or thick crust pizzas with very little spring back.  Roll it as thin as you like.  This blend is made with artisan flours, semolina flour, pizza dough enhancers, and a touch of baking powder for a little extra rise and crispness.
Directions are included.  This product has been thoroughly tested in our test kitchen and sampled by our testers.  It makes very good pizza.  Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Each mylar-lined, zippered bag contains 3.15 pounds of blend (over 10 cups), enough to make seven large thin crust pizzas or four thick crust pizzas (14 to 15 inches each).
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Should you buy a pizza pan or a pizza stone?  See this pizza tool guide Make the perfect pizza with this specially designed blend of flours and pizza dough enhancers.

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