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Other Cookware

Other Cookware

These are your hard to find products that make cooking certain items a lot easier. For example the omelet pan and egg poacher. They make these hard to make items just a little easier. We also have crepe and pannekoeken (dutch baby or german pancakes) pans. The crepe pan has a nonstick surface making flipping and removing the crepe easier. It's shallow edges also help in easy removal.

 Here you will find specialty cookware that is hard to find anywhere else. We have products ranging from crepe pans to bacon presses.

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"The Easy Omelet Pan" with recipes and optional biscuits and jam (Plus save 50% on bonuses)

"If you like to make fabulous omelets, here's the easy way to do it.""I love omelets, order them oft..

$19.99 $14.99

The Omelet and Crepe Pan

Get this great little kitchen pan for eggs, omelets, crepes, and more! ..


"Quick Meal" Microwave Omelet Pan

It's not fair!   Omelets should not be this easy.  A ten-year old can make omelets with ..


18 Quart Porcelain Enamel Canning Pot

18 quart capacity Attractive blue enamel finish Tight fitting lid Idea..


Cast Iron Nonstick Panini Press

Make panini sandwiches at home! 8 1/4  x 8 1/2  inches. Can be used ..


Deluxe Grilling Frying Pan and a Panini Press

A grilling frying pan makes better sandwiches, steaks, quesadillas, and burgers!  Add a pa..


Double Dome Microwave Silicone Egg Poacher

This is the easiest, healthiest way to cook eggs.  You want eggs for breakfast?  This ..


Mini Cast Iron Skillet

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Mini Skillet Cast iron pre-seasoned with natural oils and ready to use! C..


Nonstick 4-Egg Poacher

This is the easy way to poach eggs. Just set the poacher in any pan eight inches or larger, break th..


Nonstick Egg Poacher

Here's the easy way to poach eggs--with an egg poacher! This is the easy way to poach eggs.&nbs..


Norpro Professional Gauge Juicer and Steamer

  This is a multiple unit set.  You get an 11.75 quart cooking pot with lid, an 11.75 q..


Piggly Cast Iron Grilled Sandwich & Bacon Press

Tame that bacon--cook better bacon in less time--plus make great grilled sandwiches..


Piggly Extra Large Cast Iron Bacon and Sandwich Press

Tame your bacon or make a great grilled sandwich with this large, round cast iron bacon press! Th..


Piggly Square Cast Iron Bacon and Sandwich Press

Tame your bacon or make a great grilled sandwich with a cast iron bacon press! Your bacon cooks q..


Spring-Loaded Super Mini Burger Press

This is a super cool little burger press--the gadget lover's dream.  It's spring loaded. Push t..


Norpro Mini Burger Grill and Press (Slider Pan)

This is a fun way to make great little burgers!   This heavy-duty pan has seven 3 1/4-inc..